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Big is getting bigger. True innovation always takes a while to find traction, but we had an amazing year with Chub and as the word spreads we’re expecting the fat hub to find even more love.

Like a lot of really smart designs the Chub hub reasoning is pretty simple. Bigger hub shells resist twist from one side of the wheel to the other far better than skinny tubes. If that doesn’t sound a big deal then think of all the asymmetric and opposed braking, driving and cornering / landing shearing loads literally trying to tear the hub apart.

Bigger hub flanges also mean shorter spokes which also give a much stiffer, stronger wheel than conventional wheels. This is obvious but when you add the enhanced triangulation of the spokes offered by the oversized flanged hubs and you will have a track wheel so strong it will pull up the boards.

While test reports and shared stress stats are a convincing combination, it’s riding the wheels yourselves that’ll convince you the massive difference these mammoth hubs can make to your riding though. So next time you’re speccing some wheels, do yourself a genuinely big favour and get some fat in your wheels.

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