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2014 sees Cove head back to the forest and back to their roots. The brand has had massive success over the years with all of its models but while other brands try to copy their formula Cove have once again kept things rolling.

When it comes to big riding and pushing your limits a bike you can totally trust is an absolute essential. Other brands might be shaving grams with carbon frames or making shock tuning a pro only job with bewildering linkages and constantly changing frame designs. Not Cove. Their bikes are designed so that the only close shaves are your line choices. Born in North Vancouver and designed to keep riders on the trail not waiting on a repair, Cove are the perfect tool to get the job done. Engineered to ride better than you can and not shy of taking big lines, Cove have developed geometry which puts your wheels and weight exactly where they need to be for maximum traction and maximum fun.

The first new model to arrive is the titanium Hummer. With its 650B or 29" wheel compatible dropouts, pure titanium construction and Swiss Army like features list the Hummer is more at home in the woods than Bear Grills.

While Coves have been winning fanatical fans all over the world, it's no surprise that they've got a particularly cosy relationship with UK riders. We don't just share a Queen with Canada but a wet, rooty, radical riding environment and maximum enjoyment, minimum BS ethos that only the most surefooted, totally trustworthy bikes survive in.

We'll never forget our first rulebook burning ride on a Cove and we're yet to see anyone having a bad day while riding one. No wonder Cove is a four letter word to other bike brands.

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