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Already legendary for producing World Cup and World Championship dominating chain retaining devices, e*thirteen continue to expand their range of standout performance components for the most demanding riders in multiple disciplines.

From the bomber LG1+ DH family right through to the XCX Cross Country range, e*thirteen components have led the way off the toughest trails and onto the bikes of ultra-discerning, limit pushing riders all around the world. At the same time their TRS cranks, chain devices and award winning wheels are becoming the go-to-gear for riders hitting some of the hardest enduro trails on the planet.

For 2014 the two worlds of gravity and anti-gravity collide in e*thirteen's all new TRSR Enduro race range which raises the performance benchmark for this most progressive sector of mountain biking to a whole new level.

Drilling into the specifications shows the detail and innovation that has made e*thirteen one of the fastest growing brands in the industry. With super-sized hub shell design creating wheels with unmatched stiffness that propagate out through short spokes and state of the art lightweight, re-profiled rims to deliver the most accurate tracking wheelsets available. New over moulded steel freehub bodies and upgraded seals mean they talk the torque as well as they walk the walk too.

Getting that power down, there's an updated APS equipped crank in every format you can think of from old skool triple to the latest alternate width tooth single rings for SRAM 11 speed set-ups. e*thirteen's unique axle and bearing design extends the stiffness advantages of oversized anchorage to any bottom bracket shell design too. Naturally the latest chain guide range is ready to secure every possible ring and ratio combination you can think of from Red Bull Rampage backflips to Sunday morning Cyclo-X sessions.

Put it another way, e*thirteen are still right at the cutting edge of the performance evolution that they started sharpening over a decade ago.

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