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They say there's a little Evil in everyone, but we're proud to say that there's a lot more Evil at Silverfish.

We didn't need to read the runes to see that the Uprising all mountain frame and Undead DH chassis promise an unholy combination of good looks and unparalleled structural performance to seduce even the purest vertical speed virgins. Tarot cards weren't required to know that the uniquely adjustable, 'custom as standard', Delta Link Flip-Chip suspension developed in conjunction with linkage legend Dave Weagle will slay the thirst of any ride tweaking, multi-track versatility vampire.

Now Evil and Silverfish have tackled the only potential downside to getting one of the most desirable, high performance gravity frames on the planet delivered.

Carefully equipped to deliver the phenomenal full potential performance of those unholy frames at a price comparable to mere mortal machines. With a dream list includes a benchmark Kashima coated Fox 40 RC2 fork, Gravity Light cockpit, Mavic rims and Maxxis tyres on the Undead and two build options on the Uprising you'll soon be kicking ass up, down and round every trail on the mountain.

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