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We've had incredible success with Formula's fantastic brake portfolio and now the Italian innovators are delivering dynamic design across the whole wheel and suspension spectrum too.

R1, T1 and RO brakes consolidated their positions as the most controlled, yet minimal weight anchors across the XC, All Mountain and full on DH disciplines for yet another season. Features like the Feeling Control System for bite point, Tool Free Reach Adjust and MixMaster bar mounts means their personal tune potential and practicality is as impressive as their pure performance. Modular selling means they also offer far more cost effective buying options than fixed package competition. For 2014 these established benchmarks are also bracketed by two wholly new brakes.

The R1 Racing reverses conventional logic with a pull rather than push master cylinder and full titanium hardware that saves another 15g off what was already the lightest brake in the world. The repositioned composite capped reservoir makes bleeding easier and you can still load your 'Racing' with all Formula's usual bonus options. At the other end of the spectrum the new more budget friendly C1 uses an entirely new cartridge design to deliver all the famous Formula performance at a lower price than ever before.

Formula are also following up the introduction of their super light yet supple ThirtyThree XC/Trail forks with the all new ThirtyFive Enduro fork. This new super light gravity weapon packs the same Formula rebound control and low friction polymeric bushing technology into stiff and strong 35mm legs. It then tops them with Formula's unique new Satellite Switch Adjustment three way tuning controls for perfect 'on the fly' response to every trail situation.

Formula have also extended their Volo wheel formula to match the new forks with the Volo AM Light wheelset, with multi axle front hub, X12 wide stance bearing rear and 24mm wide Scandium rim in 26, 27.5 and 29in sizes. There's even a 45mm deep carbon rimmed road disc wheel to team up with their all new RR1 electric shift road disc brake levers and keep Formula ahead of the game, whichever way you choose to play it.

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