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The third musketeer of the Hive product innovation powerhouse, Revl produce the ultimate brake for those who like to roll out on the black top with nothing but the best.

Deep section carbon fibre arms and titanium hardware make them some of the lightest brakes available and save serious amounts of weight compared to whatever came as stock on your bike.

Unlike most skeletal set ups, powerful bite and industry leading Swiss Stop pads mean full fat stopping and control despite the waiflike weight. Silky smooth pivot bushings mean no loss of precision or stop not skid feedback and it won't judder or squeal however hard you haul on your levers. Revl's cunning interchangeable Rockarolla arms give different final leverage ratios for complete Shimano or SRAM/Campagnolo compatibility or just fine tuning brake feel.

Superlight on weight, but heavy on control, power and adjustability, Revl really are the ultimate road brake.

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