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Seeing as the weather and trail conditions are worse than ever it’s vitally important that you protect your bike with the best possible lubricants.

As one of our original Silverfish products, Rock ‘N’ Roll lubes still work brilliantly in UK conditions which have seen countless other brands sent squealing and squeaking into extinction. With 4 different lubes and 4 different greases - each engineered for a specific performance and purpose on your bike - reviewers, relentless riders and top mechanics agree that a bit of R’n’R is the perfect pre and post ride treat for bikes that are ridden hard whatever the weather.

Cable Magic is light enough to slip down your wires and leave controls silky smooth for precision feedback. Absolute Dry chain lube is an ultra-clean running prep that will keep your bike looking concourse clean and purring like a kitten all summer long. The latest Gold lube is the cleaning and lubricating way to go for high speed, high mileage use without mess or muck whatever the weather. If it’s a really grim epic on the cards though, finish your carbo loading and coat your chain with the waxy, weather beating protection of Extreme Lube, to guarantee quiet, efficient shifting and smooth running however long you’re out.

Rock N Roll’s original Red Devil, Super Coat, Super Slick and Super Web greases provide the perfect friction minimising, maximum protection team for the other moving parts of your bike. Wheel, pedal, crank and suspension bearings or static pieces like seatposts and saddle rails, Rock n Roll have the answer. Packable 4oz doses, or workshop sized 16oz servings mean you’ll never run out and let the rust in just before a ride either.

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