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Based by the beach in California, working closely with some of the world's best riders to develop next level seating plans, SDG really is living the dream. You can't stay top of the game for twenty years without truly delivering the best performance possible though.

Few riders aren't going to find the perfect fit with a full range of conventional railed saddles like the classic Bel Air or the state of the art pressure relief channeled, gloss embossed, vibrant palette Duster. True specialists are going to love the truly innovative, rider demanded seats such as the wet weather developed I-Fly Storm that comes with more filthy conditions grip than most tyres. With new models being introduced for 2014 and even more technical features added SDG have seating for everyone.

Riders demanding the ultimate combination of theoretically irreconcilable light weight, heavy duty strength priorities will find the perfect answer in SDG's unique I Beam range. A breathtakingly simple monorail and single bolt clamp idea that's still getting top reviews for unbeatable performance at under half the price of premium conventional saddle and seat post solutions.

As ever SDG haven't sacrificed style in pursuit of performance either. That means you can choose from hard working but easy on the eye upholstery in a dazzling display from the subtle to the straight up outrageous.

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