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20 Years in the lead!

Twenty years ago, pro MTB racer Dave Turner put his name on the first Turner Burner. A bike that would go on to become a much copied icon and a flagship for early adopters of truly effective, efficient and reliable full suspension. Fast forward to 2014 and the latest Burner celebrates its second decade having already established itself as one of the first truly sorted 27.5in wheeled bikes available. Dave's ultra fastidious ride based geometry and suspension tune development is also backed up with trademark Turner features. Features like the grease injected journal bearings on the DW linkages and the meticulously handmade in the US alloy frame. All the lessons learned for the latest Burner have also been refined, shaved and shortened in travel slightly to create a new 27.5in wheeled version of the blisteringly fast, 120mm travel Flux trail bike.

As much as the milimetre perfect machining, flawless fish scale welds and optimised hydroformed frame tubes have become Turner trademarks, they're celebrating their twentieth birthday with a radical new regal departure. All hail the Czar, Turner bicycles first full carbon frameset.

Over two and a half years in development the Czar 29er is no overnight carbon copy cash in. It's a true reflection of all the experience, expertise and passion for evolution that Dave Turner's name has always stood for, woven into a truly state of the art carbon fibre chassis. The result is a bike with the weight and travel of a race whippet, but the strength and power of a mountain lion. Needless to say it's still loaded with all the signature extended, easy life features of the alloy Turner's and every frame is hand finished in the US to make sure that this is one Czar that won't just survive a revolution but rule it.

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