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You've heard it a hundred times: A bike that climbs like an XC bike but descends like a DH bike is the most threadbare cliche in the mountain biking hype bible. But what if a bike that's been universally praised as one of the best technical climbers available put itself on the podium of a World Cup DH race? Yeah we think that's pretty incredible too, but then incredible isn't unusual for Yeti.

Yeti Cycles have been famous for their race focused development since the first FRO (For Racing Only) bikes smashed their way to the front of the pack in 1985. Twenty eight years later long term Yeti athlete Jared Graves took his SB66 trail bike to a bronze medal at the Pietermarizburg World Championships while Richie Rude powered his way to Junior DH Gold on the rightly named 303 World Cup.

For many firms that would be a cue to go easy on development and take a well-earned lap of honour, but before the dust had even settled in South Africa, Yeti had wheeled out a whole new tribe of bikes.

SB75 takes the proven Yeti Switch suspension DNA and sits it on the latest 27.5in wheels. The 575 is a 27.5in wheel refresh of the evergreen flex stay and swing link simplicity of Yeti's iconic affordable trail bike. Updated versions of the SB66 and SB95 alloy bikes also put Switch suspension technology, splined ISCG compatible bottom brackets, changeable dropouts and stunning surefooted handling into the hands of more riders than ever before as they also receive carbon swingarm upgrades to create a lighter, faster reacting, smoother ride than their already award winning character. Or to put it another way, there's never been a better time to head into the mountains with a Yeti.

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