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Mondraker - Foxy XR Frame 2014
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Mondraker Foxy XR Frame 2014

It's 10 years since the Foxy first made its appearance in 2004 and to celebrate Mondraker has released the best Foxy ever for 2014. With all the advantages of a 27.5" wheel, the pedalling kinematics of the Zero suspension System, 140mm of travel and Forward Geometry, this year's model is the most versatile in the entire Mondraker catalogue. The bike for everything.

The Foxy XR offers much more than what its 140mm of rear travel theoretically gives. Easy uphills and fast and secure descents is something every rider dreams of, and from now that's possible thanks to the Forward Geometry.

Mondraker Forward Geometry presents clear advantages compared with a traditional geometry, all these benefits are focused to improve the control, handling and riding confidence.

Forward Geometry advantages:

  • Security in steep áreas
  • Confidence at high speed
  • Direct steering
  • Uphill precisión
  • Stability on rough sections

Forward Geometry Mondraker 13 from Mondraker on Vimeo

Zero is the name of Mondraker's proprietary suspension system and is used on all of its full suspension bikes.

  • Zero power loss. The system prevents any unwanted movements produced whilst pedalling resulting in maximum efficiency without extra compression or extension of the rear suspension.
  • Zero pedal kickback. Chain length growth throughout the suspension travel is insignificant avoiding any backward movement of the crank set that could lead to poor pedalling efficiency or cadence.
  • Zero brake jack. Rear brake forces do not alter the suspension system. The rear shock will absorb impacts without changing its function whilst using the rear brake.
  • Zero bumps. The main characteristic of the system is its excellent absorption capacity at the same time as it provides high pedalling efficiency. The optimized trajectory of the rear axle and the linear nature of the rear shock assure very effective impact absorption.

The Stealth Technology is the most advanced industrial design and structure optimization technology used in the Mondraker range. Stealth encompasses all processes in the creation of the frame, from the inspiration and creation of the industrial design to the calculation of the most precise details that optimize each part for a specific function.

Stealth offers and innovative design, characterized by flat faces and sharp edges as opposed to the traditional curved or rounded shapes. Each tube and part is carefully designed to carry out a specific function striving to achieve the lowest possible weight of every specific part of the frame. Due to the optimization of the production process, selecting the best materials, using butted tubing technology and applying an alloy of different aluminium, Mondraker's ultra light Stealth frames are extremely resistant with great stiffness, especially in the high stress areas of the frames where it suffers most.

The Foxy XR frame has an integrated IFD front derailleur system with an anchor rail instead of the classic brace which used to surround the seat post tube. This system is developed and named by Shimano as Direct Mount. Thanks to the new derailleur characteristics and the joint piece developed by Mondraker to get it fixed to the frame we get stiffness and a precision grade more superior to the rest of derailleur in the market.


FRAME Foxy 27.5" Stealth Evo-alloy Zero Suspension System FG 140mm
REAR SHOCK Fox Float CTD LV Boost Valve Performance 200x57mm

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