Silverfish Finance

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering 0% finance on our ex-demo and clearance bikes. Finance applications can be made via email in three easy steps.

  1. Register on our website here
  2. Send us an email including the name of the bike you are interested in, your full name, address, Silverfish UK account number, email address and mobile number
  3. Fill out the application provided to you via email or text by our finance partner

Emails should be sent to with the subject reading “Finance Application”.

For further details you can visit our Finance FAQ page. Alternatively you can make your finance application during office hours by phone.

Tel:01752 843 882

Representative Example:

Latest News & Reviews in the world of Biking.
Review: Cycling Weekly Test The Pedro's Cable Cutters
When it comes to clipping cables or trimming housing a good set of cable cutters is a must. You'll only try it once with an old set you've found in the shed before realising your error so investing in a good pair of cutters should be right on up there on your list of top tools to have. Used by some of the world's top race mechanics the smooth, precise action of the Pedro's cutters is a dream and gives a perfect cut every time.

Cycling Weekly / August 2016

Anybody serious about bike maintenance needs some serious tools. Pedro's may sound Spanish but in fact hail from New England in the good old US of A. American tools - think Park Tool, Snap-On, etc - have quite a reputation and Pedro's tools uphold this with a distinct feeling of quality, something essential when it comes to cable cutters.

The Yellow handles are comfortable although smaller hands may struggle with the width of the grasp when fully open. They were also a little sticky when new but have since bedded in and now have a slick spring action that makes chomping cleanly through both outer and inner cables swift and easy. These have been through three bike builds and countless cable swaps, cutting perfectly each time.

pedros cw cutters.jpg