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The Yeti Racing UK team have just returned from one of their best weekends of racing to date. Saturday saw them secure series titles in their respective classes while Sunday saw two team mates line-up in the final of the National Championships.

Schwalbe British 4X Series round 5:

On Saturday the team had round 5 of the Schwalbe British 4X Series. For both Dave and Scott, if they reached the semi -finals, they would have enough points to secure the overall series titles in both Seniors and Elite respectively. Dave was in the wars though when he arrived at the track he did not feel well with a sickness bug. He was still going to race but he just did not have much energy.

In his motos he finished 2nd, 2nd and 1st. His track speed was good but his 1st straight was lacking power from the mystery illness.

Dave qualified through his quarter and semi-finals with some great passing and smart riding. In the final he had gate 3 and went into turn one in 3rd before a solid pass moved him into 2nd. Chasing the win, he simply ran out of race track. He closed the gap but just ran out of time and had to settle for 2nd. With all things considered it was a fantastic result but even better Dave secured the 2013 British 4X overall Series title for the senior category.

Scott’s day went a little easier! He has been training and working towards this weekend for a while and was ready for it. The advantage for Scott was he was jumping the first double jump that no one else was able to jump. Combined with Scott’s great starts, this was giving him a good advantage on the first straight. Scott won all his motos, the quarter and semi-final. In the final, he seemed to go up a gear and absolutely tore the track apart, taking the win and with it the 2013 British 4X overall series title for the elite category.

A celebration BBQ on Saturday night for the team got everyone fired up for Sunday.

4X National Championships:

Sunday was the biggest domestic race of the year – the 2013 Schwalbe 4X National Championships.

For this race, all riders aged 18 and over race in the same category – seniors. This meant that both Dave and Scott would be riding in the same category. First up was a single run down the track against the clock for timed qualification. Dave was first up for the team. He rode a great lap and crossed the finish line with a 40.31 time – quick enough to place him 9th overall in qualifying. Last rider on course was Scott. He look fast, jumping the first double again, loads of dust trailing behind and nailing the whole track crossing the line in a time of 38.03 – 1.7 seconds quicker than the second placed rider!!!

It was a great start for both riders. When the draw was printed Dave and Scott would meet each other in the quarter finals and race each other in the semi and final should both get through. Scott won his 1st round and Dave finished 2nd in his. This set up the meeting in the quarter final. Scott took gate 1 and Dave was on 3. Scott made the gate and took the lead. In a smart move in turn 1 Dave dived inside and moved into 2nd. He was under pressure the whole way, but held his nerve and finished behind Scott to both move into the semi-final.

In the semi-final, Scott took gate 1 again and Dave went for 4. Scott made the gate again and lead the race from start to finish. The action was behind though as Dave moved from 4th into 3rd and was pressuring 2nd, when the pressure got too much and the rider in 2nd crashed putting Dave through. As a senior rider, this was an incredible achievement and at the finish line it was clear to see both Dave and Scott were stoked that they had both made it into the final.

So it was final time. Scott took gate 1, Tom Dowie on 2, Nathan Parsons on 3 and Dave on 4. When the names were announced, the 3 elite riders all got some good cheers, but the biggest roar by far was for Dave. The crowd were willing him to win!

The gate dropped and Scott got the holeshot, leading into turn 1. Scott then began to pull away and settle into the lead. Dave was charging again though. In 4th Dave made his move as they entered turn 3. Dave nearly made it stick but he lost the front wheel. There was a big ohhhhhh from the crowd although when Dave stood up and thanked them with his hand in the air, the crowd roared again!! With Dave down and a 4th position for him it was down to Scott to bring it home. Staying smooth and nailing the lines, Scott crossed the finish line with a good lead and a good fist pump. Winning this race means an awful lot to Scott and the team so to win it is a real honour for him.

When the 2 riders got back to the team truck, Dave got a bucket of water over him from his buddies for his efforts that day! It was one of the best race weekends the team has ever had.

Thank you must go to all our team sponsors.

Schwalbe British 4X Series Round 5:

Scott Beaumont – Elite men – 1st

Dave Richardson – Senior men – 2nd

4X National Championships:

Scott Beaumont – Senior men – 1st

Dave Richardson – Senior men – 1st

Photo Credit – WDC Cuts