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Decent mid-weight, mid-power performance with excellent feel but occasional fettling issues.

RX is Formula's mid-pack, mid-weight, mid-price stopper, with typically excellent modulation if you don't mind a bit more TLC than normal. The design shares a lot with the flagship R1 and The One brakes, but in a less refined finish and using less exotic materials, which add weight but reduce cost.

The master cylinder is flippable and the bigger bolts on the bar clamp are more user friendly than the ultra-light alloy ones on the R1. You get the same lightweight rotor and long bolt mounting brackets which makes bigger diameter discs relatively light compared to 160mm setups.

Despite having the same diameter calliper piston, braking is less powerful than the R1, but smoothly squeezed modulation and control are excellent. Bleeding is a bit hit and miss so servicing can require patience, but reliability of all the sets we\'ve used has been good and a new bigger distributor should mean better spares availability in the UK too.