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Silverfish UK are proud to announce the launch of the Easton Haven Dropper Post. Finally you can match your collars with your cuffs and align your dropper with your favourite Easton cockpit.

The new Easton Haven Dropper Post boasts patented hydraulic locking technology and lower air pressures with static seals to build a post that tackles the reliability issues synonymous with other droppers regardless of temperature or riding conditions. A conventional gear cable with Quick-Connector routed internally allows the easy removal of the post tool-free to make moving from bike-to-bike a breeze, without losing tension settings.

The dropper is actuated by a mechanical handlebar remote which can be mounted on the left or the right, made of high quality materials to achieve a light and reliable actuation. An optional '1x' lever is available which mounts in place of your old left hand shifter which was binned when you upgraded to a 1x drivetrain. This provides a perfect lever placement for racer-fast, razor-sharp actuation at any time.

The post is made with Easton's EA90 alloy to achieve a highly respectable 495g (440mm x 150mm drop) meaning less weight than many popular alternatives, but with a huge range of size options. Four lengths, two diameters and three drops ensures a size mix to suit riders and bikes from the smallest, to the largest.

Finish: Gloss Black
Weight: 495g (30.9mm x 440mm x 150mm)
Length: 350/375/415/440mm
Drop: 100/125/150mm
Lever Actuation: Mechanical
Locking Mechanism: Hydraulic
Material: EA90 Alloy
Head Type: Zero
Available: November
Price: £349.99

Check it out HERE