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As trail bike travel increases and riders continue to push their personal and bikes limits on every ride, using armour, guards and protection is increasing becoming the order of the day on every ride and not just saved for big hitting DH sessions.

One brand which knows a thing or two about protecting top riders is T.H.E who have been fitting out MTB and BMX riders with protection and equipment for years so when they went back to the drawing board to design a new pad for their range function and form were top of the list. Designed with equal attention to function and form the new Maxi Guard has been tested to be more impact resistant than traditional hard pads while still being soft and pliable and thank to the use of SaS-Tec viscoelastic foam the pad also has little trouble dealing with impacts. Held in place with top and bottom straps and an inner neoprene sleeve the Maxi Guard is available in both knee and elbow options. German-engineered SAS-TEC viscoelastic foam reacts instantly to impacts by hardening and dissipating energy throughout the guard. In simpler terms, you'll never know what hit you and that's a good thing. The foam's memory effect returns the guard to its original shape and is safe to use, no matter how hard or how many times you crash. SAS-TEC is already widely used in the motorcycle industry, and now T.H.E. is pioneering its application in bicycle protection. SaS-Tec is also more stable across a wider range of temperatures and lasts longer than the competition.

  • Extraordinary Comfort: Because of SAS-TEC's lightweight, low-density properties and anatomical shape, it is malleable enough to articulate around joints, providing full range of motion with little resistance for optimal ergonomics while retaining critical coverage.
  • Lightweight, low-profile design means they can be stowed for climbs or worn all day, even under jeans.
  • Inner neoprene sleeves are perforated for ventilation
  • Outside, special low-friction Kevlar will scoff at trail rash, but won't snag jeans or shorts.
  • Suitable for mountain-bike and BMX use.

Facts about Sas-Tec

Sas-Tec absorbs 50% more impact than hard-shell guards in lab testing

It is lighter than hard-shell protection

Sas-Tec adapts ergonomically to the body shape

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