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With decades of history manufacturing bicycle tyres Onza have always been known for producing performance rubber and with the introduction of their latest VISCO compound and EDC casing tyres the brand is push its tyre development once again.

Needing little introduction and following the brands relaunch in 2008, Onza continues to become the go-to tyre of an increasing number of riders and racers who turn to the brand thanks to their continued development and high performance tread patterns. This development has seen the creation of both VISCO and EDC tyres as the brand looks to further develop and support riders as they push their own limited and that of their equipment.

Created alongside Switzerland based rubber development company VISCO Labs, Onza's latest rubber compound took 4 years to develop and is designed to offer increased traction and provide a more consistent feel when on the trail. With a slower rebound speed, greater dampening control and a softer GRP40 (close to 40a) compound VISCO tyres are designed to grip in all conditions and are constructed to meet and exceed the demands of gravity riders and racers. Running alongside their latest rubber compound is Onza's all new EDC enduro tyre casing option which has been constructed to offer riders a lightweight, foldable 60TPI tyre casing which provided a high level of resistances to punctures thanks to reinforced sidewalls and a butyl inlay.

Available now in 27.5" diameter and in multiple tread patterns the latest tyres to be manufactured by the Swiss brand are now in stock and shipping to dealers around the country.

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