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Dirt was defiantly a key word on everyone's lips at the second Race Face Circus of Dirt enduro which rolled into Newnham Park on the edge of Plymouth over the weekend. Rain overnight had made the tracks wet after a gloriously sunny Saturday and rain during the day added to the moisture leaving everything on the wet side of damp. That said no matter how much rain came down it couldn't wash the smiles off riders faces as they headed to tackle three timed stages and laugh with their friends.

The Race Face Circus of Dirt events are designed to give riders a friendly atmosphere in which to get involved in enduro racing. Arriving early on site we quickly set-up our ez-up next to the warm and dry sign-on cabins and grabbed a coffee from local cycle café Rockets and Rascals who had brought along their pop-up kitchen to cater for the hungry riders. The plan of the event was simple. One bike, one course and three timed stages all set out like an XC loop with ups, downs and connecting trails. Riders set off from the main car park and up to the start of stage 1 before following the course around to tackle two more timed gravity fuelled stages. All three stage times were then combined to give you your overall placing.

Stage 1. Set on a classic section of Newnham Park singletrack, stage 1 took riders down the well know cottage return trail and promised a fast pedal to get the heart and lungs burning straight out of the gate. The trail cuts its way down the edge of the valley side from top to bottom as it traverses down to the valley floor. A few roots, a few rocks and a small 5 metre uphill section put riders to the test before a sharp left hand bend dropped participates down over some roots and mud to the finish line.

Stage 2. Making their way to stage two riders were presented with a steep, fresh track which snaked its way down the hillside taking in some wide corners, a bomb hole, a small stream crossing and a pedal to the finish. The aim of this track would be to stay on the bike and not slip out on the wet corners as you tried to find grip. It was hard not to smile on this track as you kicked up roost and hung on hoping not to slip off line on the wet roots and muddy drop ins.

Stage 3. Crossing the valley and through the car park riders could grab a drink and some food before climbing out of the valley once more to the start of stage 3. Singletrack all the way down bar a small fire road crossing this track started off fairly flat and before sharply dropping off half way down through the trees and down to the finish line below. A test of pedalling at the top and a test of riders ability to hang it out and keep on the bike at the bottom. 100% fun and perfect to cheer your friends on as they held on.

Once all the stages had been ridden and the mud had settled it was our very own Mondraker rider Ashley Mullane who took the win by 3 seconds over Jay Williamson and round 1 winner Tobias Pantling.

A great day was had by all and as riders sheltered from the elements warming their hands on fresh coffee it was smiles all round.

If this has got you interested in enduro racing then way not enter the 2014 Mondraker Gravity Rally which takes place this July and September and offers two days of gravity fuelled racing.