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Outsideonline.com spent 6 months putting The Evil Following to the test and they came to learn that 29" bikes can take on even the roughest terrain and shred just as hard as any bike out there with any wheel size.

Outsideonline.com / June 2016

The Good

DELTA suspension, the third unique suspension design from mountain bike engineer Dave Weagle, is the most capable we've ever seen, eking both incredible pedaling performance and big-travel manners out of just 120 millimeters. The combination of flip chips in the suspension and an adjustable headset make for four riding positions and ultimate customization. The brawny parts spec is perfectly tailored to the aggressive trail riding this bike is built for. There's pretty much nothing there we would change.

The Bad

We love the adjustability of the suspension, but dang if it isn't fiddly to switch from the High setting to the Low and back again. At 28.1 pounds for our size medium, The Following isn't overweight, but it isn't feathery, either.

The Verdict

Evil's The Following proves, once and for all, that 29ers can hold their own in the tightest, techiest, burliest terrain you can throw at them. It's on a par with the Specialized Enduro, which we still feel is the benchmark long-travel 29er, though thanks to the masterful engineering on the suspension, Evil manages to keep up using a lot less travel. If The Following had come along a year earlier, before the advent of 27+, it would have swept our Gear of the Year awards. As it turned out, the bike was well-loved but overshadowed by plus-size hype. Still, it's every bit as relevant today and topped the favorite list of about half the riders who tried it.

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