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e*thirteen TRS Race Cassette 11 Speed
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  • Gets you 511% range using your existing 11 speed drivetrain
  • Weight: 287g
  • Drivetrain - 1 X 11 speed
: Black


Massive 511% range, light weight, a fair price, and serviceable, all without a new drivetrain. Our 11 speed TRS Race cassette gets you 511% range, using your existing 11 speed drivetrain. The aluminium and steel clusters are sold separately as replacement parts.

Our industry exclusive 9t cog allows for more range without just making the big cog bigger. It also means you can run a smaller chainring than with competitor cassettes, allowing for greater ground clearance.

The largest cogs are precision machined from aluminum and attach to a SRAM XD driver body with a lockring. The remaining eight steel cogs lock into place with a chain whip.

More range, more fun, same standard....now at am impressive 287g

  • Material: EXA+ Alloy and Heat-Treated Cromoly Steel
  • Drivetrain: 1 X 11speed
  • Cog Sizes: - 11speed 9-10-12-14-17-20-24-28-33-39-46
  • Features: Ingenious assembly utilizes XD™ Driver mounting to enable a 9-46T 11speed cassette. Keeps your drivetrain simple and still gives the gear range of a 2X system. Compatible with SRAM™ and Shimano™ shifting systems.
  • Colours: Black
  • Weight: 287g

What's in the box:

  • Cassette
  • Tool
  • Lockring
  • Grease packet

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Are TRS race cassette parts compatible with TRS+ cassettes?

They are not. Because we wanted the race level cassette to be as light as possible, we had to go back to the drawing board with what we learned from the plus level cassette and change a few things in order to hit our weight target. As a result the way the two pieces of the cassette connect are different between the race and plus level cassettes.

What derailleur cage length do you recommend with the 11sp cassette?

For Shimano drivetrains both GS (short) and SGS (long) cage derailleurs will work. We typically recommend long cage versions as they tend to shift a bit smoother.

For Sram there is only one cage length option in the 11sp derailleur lineup.

I can't get my cassette to lock, what's wrong?

In most cases, when a cassette won't turn to lock together is it because the steel portion of the cassette is not fully seated onto the XD driver. We want to make sure the fit between the cassette and XD drive is snug, so make sure you are greasing the inner diameter of the cassette and pressing firmly to seat the steel portion. The locking mechanism will not require a lot of force, so if you are having to strain to lock the two pieces together, it is likely because the steel portion is not flush against the aluminum portion.

Which chain do you recommend for your cassette?

We recommend either Shimano or Sram chains. That doesn't mean others won't work, we just have not spent a ton of time testing every other option out there.

We do recommend using a new or nearly new chain when you install your cassette.

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