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Over the last 10 years the cycling world has been pushing carbon fiber more so than people tweet about their Crossfit WOD. "How much does your bike weigh?", has quickly replaced, "How's the ride?" I'm not here to tell you that carbon frames aren't incredible, they are. However, nothing rides likes steel. A steel bike gives you a better, "connected to the road" feel. Steering a steel bike is arguably easier to control when compared to carbon fibre and Ti bikes. Also, let's not forget a quality-made stainless steel bike will last a lifetime.

RITTE bicycle frames are highly coveted and often photographed because of their eye popping paint schemes. Brand new for 2014, their Stainless Steel Snob is nothing short of attention getting. The half and half paint and raw steel combo looks as if the bike was dipped in frosting. Delicious.

The new bike is designed to balance traditional and contemporary thinking using compact geometry, oversize tubes, and a tapered head tube. The Snob is as modern as the latest carbon fiber bikes, but carries the feel and soul of a RITTE master-made frame, perfect for all day rides. The frame is made of KVA MS3 stainless steel tubing with oversized, 44ID head tubes and PF30 shells. An all-carbon 1-1/2” tapered fork is found up front and can be fitted with a Chris King IS-7 headset or equivalent.

The Snob comes in seven standard sizes from 52-58, so chances are there’s one that will fit you great. It’s also available in limited quantities in the “R-Fit” geometry, which features a 2cm shorter head tube per size. Available Sizes: 52, 52 R-Fit, 53, 53 R-Fit, 54, 54 R-Fit, 55, 56, 57, 58.



Expect to see the RITTE Stainless Snob for sale this Summer at $2,400 (frame/fork/headset). For more information, head on over to RITTE.

(FYI: The last image works great as your new iPhone wallpaper!)

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