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Yeti Cycle 4X racer Scott Beaumont scored his second 4X ProTour podium of the season in Val Di Sole, Italy. Scott travelled to Italy after disappointment in Fort William and after a heavy crash in qualifying even making the start gate was going to be a challenge.

Here's Scott's report from the race,

From Fort William last week, Yeti Racing UK and the rest of the 4X ProTour riders travelled south to Italy for round 3 of the 2013 4X ProTour in Val Di Sole. The 'Valley of the Sun' rarely lets us down and this year was no different. Blue skies and sunshine all week with temperatures close to 30 degrees everyday provided perfect track conditions for round 3.

4X ProTour 2013 - Round Three, Val Di Sole on Pinkbike

It always delivers fantastic racing in Val Di Sole with it being the longest track on the ProTour, but with huge berms and plenty of space on each straight, the riders can move around and set up passes well in advance.

As always big crowds flocked to the track to watch both qualifying on Friday evening and racing on Saturday night. Under floodlights, the drama unfolded.

In Practice, I felt really fast. The best I have all year. We were on pace and I was looking forward to qualifying. Qualifying was on Friday night under floodlights. I was third rider from the end to go. Michael Mechura left the gate ahead of me and I got myself set for the gate to drop 20 seconds later. Unfortunately Michael had a huge crash after sliding out on the bridge dropping into the finish. He crashed hard and knocked himself unconscious needing medical attention. The medics ran over to him to attend but by this point I was half way down the course and absolutely flying on a perfect run when the marshals ran out onto the track with red flags to stop me just before the bridge. I hit the brakes but slid out at full speed trying to stop and crashed hard in the same place. It was lucky as I would have jumped off the bridge and landed on Michael and the medics who were treating him.

My back, kidney and right leg were all hurting from the impact. I got up and was trying to walk off the crash. Michael was taken to the medical unit, but I needed to get back up to the start. There are vital overall series points up for grabs in qualifying and I needed a good time. I was shuttled up to the start for a re-run. About 10 minutes later, the gate dropped and I was going for it on my 2nd quail run. As I crossed the finish line, I placed 6th overall which I was both stoked about and gutted. Stoked as I couldn't walk properly on my right leg, but gutted as I knew my first run was really fast!! I ended up just 1.4 seconds behind Michal Prokop - the fastest qualifier.

So it was time for racing. For me it was a tough day. When I woke up my leg and hip were hurting bad and I had thoughts of not even racing. As the day wore on I felt a bit better and decided the show had to go on. It turned out to be a good decision. The crowds came out in force and lined the track 5 deep from top to bottom. The first gate dropped at 20.00 and racing was underway. What a night it turned out to be.

The racing all night was simply incredible. So many passes, so much action and one of the best ever displays of the level that world 4X riders are at now.

I won my first round and second round to make it into the quarter finals. My gates were not very good as I just could not power from the start. In the quarter I made a good gate considering and slipped into 2nd behind Quentin Derbier. Milan Mysik then made a good pass on me in turn 2 and I got him back in turn 3. He passed me again in turn 5 then I got him back on the penultimate straight. The crowd were going absolutely crazy, but the main thing was, I had made it into the semi-finals. The day was all about damage limitation for me and getting as many series points as I could. We were in bonus territory from where I thought I would finish earlier in the day.

I was in semi-final 2. Tomas Slavik, Quentin Derbier, Stefano Dolfin and me. The gate dropped and it was me, Slavik and Derbier wheel to wheel in turn 1. The 3 of us pulled a slight lead on Dolfin and the action unfolded in the huge berm after the pro line. Slavik covered the inside, Derbier carried speed mid track and I railed it. Coming down the long straight before the rocks we were all next to each other. Slavik held the inside into the rocks whilst Derbier drifted wide to cover me. In practice I had spotted an extremely wide line in the rocks. Somehow I found space on a knife edge and squeezed passed Derbier down the rocks. The crowd loved it and across the line it was Slavik and me who transferred to the main event.

So, we were down to the final race. I was buzzing to reach the final. Prokop took gate 1, Slavik gate 2, Beckeman went in 3 and I had gate 4. As the gate dropped Prokop made his best gate of the night and bar to bar with Slavik managed to lead into turn 1. Slavik and Beckeman battled as I cut to the inside. Heading out onto the pro line, the positions held then it all went wild again after the doubles. Prokop led, Slavik went inside and Beckeman followed him. I railed the turn and in a repeat of the semi-final we went 3 riders wide heading into the rocks. Slavik launched down the rocks and somehow managed to pass Prokop to take the lead. I went level down the rocks with Beckeman, but he held onto 3rd into the final turn. When it all looked like it was over into the final straight, Slavik crashed off the bridge. Prokop couldn't avoid him and both crashed out. Backeman and I flew by them and in the blink of an eye the race results were turned on their head. Beckeman took the win and I crossed the line in 2nd.

Every podium is special but this one in particular felt good. Even now I am not walking properly and to think back, I rode really well up to the final and had a little luck in the final to produce a great result. I am stoked.

Images courtesy of www.mtb-news.de

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