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MBUK magazine is the biggest selling MTB magazine in the UK and they were one of the luck people who got to see the latest product from e*thirteen while on a recent trip to the French Alps.

TRS+ As Tough as it Gets?

The Californian masters of chain retention e*thirteen are steadily cultivating one of the blingest looking, hardest hitting product ranges out there. Their latest offering is the TRS+ range and it is aimed squarely at the gravity endure and trail slaying set.

At the heart of the range are the NEW TRS+ cranks. They feature forged, then machined, Exalite aluminium arms and the firm's trademark P3 Connect polygonal splined interface. It mimics a tanks driveshaft, and its unique shape allows for a much larger contact area and, as a result, greater power transfer. They come as a 2x10 set-up to give as wide a range as possible. The guys at e*thirteen reckon that the reason why a lot of riders have swapped to 1x10 guides is the lack of quality 2x10 guides. The new TRS+ Dual guide tackles that with a dual roller, meaty bashguard and shark fin top guide, which will help your front mech out when the going on the trails gets choppy.

The TRS+ wheelset is designed to gobble up any endure/ all-mountain minefield. Oversized carbon fibre shelled hub bodies, 60-point engagement for snappier acceleration and a weasel-startlingly loud noise all add up to an awesome feeling wheel. Thye also feature angular contact bearings, convertible axle cups and Exalite+ Scandium rims.

In the constant trench-like mud that we experienced in torrential Les Gets, the NEW LG1+ pedlas were unbelievable. The fine pins pierced the slop perfectly and the thermo-plastic bodies cleared super quickly while no being scared of taking a knock off the odd stump!