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Race FaceAtlas Pedal - Review

With their headquarters located only a short drive away from the North Shore, Squamish, and Whistler, the folks at Race Face are familiar with the abuse that a set of pedals needs to be able to handle over the course of a season, which is why they designed the Atlas pedal. The Atlas is their top of the line offering, sitting one step above the Aeffect pedal that we reviewed earlier this year. Wide and thin, the pedals use an aluminum platform that measures 101x114mm, and taper from 14.5mm at the outer ends to 12mm in the center. Ten traction pins are located around the perimeter of each side, and all ten of them thread in from the opposite side for easy replacement. The pins located on the leading and trailing edges of the pedal are angled slightly inwards to provide even more grip. A total of four sealed cartridge bearings keep the pedals spinning smoothly on a chromoly axle, with one oversized bearing that sits closest to the cranks, and three smaller ones at the outer portion of the axle.

Installation of the Atlas pedals is about at easy it gets, but don't forget to slip on a pedal washer – otherwise the pedal body will sit directly against the crankarm and prevent the pedals from spinning. Also, the shape of the body means that the Atlas won't work with Race Face's protective crank arm boots due to the bulge where the inboard cartridge bearing is housed, although plans are in the works to slightly modify the axle in future versions to correct this. Available in black, blue, red, and green. Weight: 357 grams. MSRP: £139.95.

Light, thin and reliable, the Atlas pedals took everything we threw at them in stride.

Pink Bike's Take

Over the course of a season I'm constantly switching between different bike and pedal setups, but the Atlas quickly became my go-to this year, the pedal I found myself reaching for most often when given the choice. The pin layout combined with the slight amount of concavity provided plenty of support, and they were comfortable enough for all styles of riding, whether it was a long trail ride or an extended bike park session. Slipping a pedal was a rarity, and even when pinballing through the roughest rock gardens my feet stayed fimly glued into place. I'd initially wondered about the lack of traction pins in the center of the pedals, but this never became an issue - there's more than enough grip to go around, especially when they are paired with a sticky rubber sole.

Even after months of hard riding, the Atlas pedals have yet to develop any play, and nearly all the pins have survived being bashed into logs and dragged over rocks. Sure, there's a decent amount of scuffs and scrapes on the body, but that comes with the territory, and the fact that they're still spinning as smooth as silk is what matters the most. Plus, should they ever need service, Race Face offers a complete rebuild kit that even includes a bearing press and removal tool that will have them up and running again in no time. The price of the Atlas puts them on the higher end of the scale, but in this case the high level of performance they offer makes them worth every penny. If you're looking for a new favorite pedal, there's a good chance the Atlas pedals will become just that. - Mike Kazimer

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