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Race Face are a company of mountain bikers so when they set out to create an all new aggressive trail / Enduro wheelset, they had one simple goal - "Make the wheels that they want to ride."

Introducing the new Turbine R wheelset featuring the all new Vault hub and 30mm internal Turbine R rim. Vault is the heart of the wheelset and the first Race Face branded hub built from the ground up. The engineering team at Race Face set out to design the best hub on the market, one that would stand up to the performance and quality the Canadian brand is known for.

The over-sized hub shell provides the opportunity for performance gains: increased rear drive torsional stiffness by up to 20%, and increased lateral stiffness. Perfecting engagement was a priority at the outset of the Vault hub design. The hub features a 60 tooth drive ring with six pawls which have two teeth per pawl. There are two sets of three pawls offset from each other resulting in 3-degree engagement for almost instant power transfer. All pawls feature low-drag springs to ensure quick and positive engagement while retaining low coast drag.

Proven 6902 bearings were selected due to their large ball diameter and durability. Wide bearing placement was designed to decrease the load on the bearings, improving lifespan. Protecting internals from the elements is key to hub longevity. To ensure product durability and less service over time, we designed low-drag labyrinth seals specifically for the Vault hubs.

"I'm impressed with the performance of the new Race Face Turbine R wheel. Since about 1986 I've been working wheels over and have tried all the different combinations of spokes, lacing techniques and rim widths as well as shredding 26", 27.5 and 29er wheel sizes. I would say I know a thing or two about wheels. The 28 spoke Turbine R surprised me with stiffness and durability; after shreddin' hard with Metailler the wheel showed no signs of fatigue and was arrow straight. Also, having the confidence of the Vault hub and its amazing 3 degrees of engagement, could mean the return of the huck to flat classic 'Wheelie Drop,' or not...haha!" - Wade Simmons


Rear mountain bike hubs have two sets of bearings. One set is the load bearings that support the rider and allow the wheel to rotate. The second set, the freehub bearings, allow the cassette to freewheel. The wider the load bearings can be spaced, the more durable they will be. The Vault hub features a 70.4mm wide spacing for its load bearings which helps to decrease the load on the bearings thereby improving their lifespan.


The Turbine R rim utilizes a lightweight 6069 Aluminium, 40% stronger than standard 6061. The stronger alloy offers improved durability at the bead hook and also allows us to thin any unnecessary material resulting in an impressive 460g 27.5"" rim with 30mm internal width. The asymmetric rim design of Turbine R shifts the nipple bed resulting in more balanced spoke tension and a wheel with improved strength, durability, and longevity. Race Face chose to off set the nipple bed by 4.5mm which, when paired with the new Vault hubs, gives an equally balanced spoke tension between the drive-side and non-drive-side spokes on the front wheel and a 50% improvement in tension balance on the rear wheel.


The Turbine R wheelset was built with compatibility in mind. The Vault hub designed around tool-free end cap swaps to work with current standards like 12x142 and quick release with a separate hub optimized for the emerging 12x148 boost spacing standard. Boost adds distance in the centre of the hub between the drive-side and non-drive-side spoke angles. This added width makes for a wider bracing angle improving wheel stiffness.

Athlete and test rider feedback (including the Devinci Global Racing team) helped us settle on a generous 30mm internal rim width. The wider rim helps improve tire role and tyre sidewall stiffness resulting in a more comfortable, confidence-inspiring ride. Out of the box, the Turbine R comes with tape and valves installed for a hassle-free tubeless ready installation.



Large oversized flanges for improved spoke bracing angle

Larger bearings for durability

Wider bearings stance

6 double tooth pawls (3 engage at a time)

120 point of engagement (3 degrees)

Balanced spoke counter bore


30mm Internal Tubeless Ready Rim.

4.5mm Offset - Improves spoke balance and wheel stiffness

New Stronger alloy for Highest Impact Resistance.


Built for: Trail/ Enduro

Colour: Black

Spokes: 28 hole

Weight: 650B 1730g / 29"" 1815g

Price: SRP Front £389 / Rear £499


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