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Road.cc Summer Cycling Socks Guide

The warmer weather is here, and with it time to strip away the winter clothing, pack it away in the cupboard and dig out your summer jerseys and shorts. And it’s also time to swap woolly insulated socks for lightweight summer socks.

You can of course wear any normal socks you want for cycling. There’s nothing to stop you wearing tennis or football socks. That's fine. However, cycling-specific summer socks are made from lightweight and breathable fabrics that keep your feet cool and dry in hot weather, and will be far more comfortable than those sports socks.

Most summer cycling socks are made from polyester because it’s a good breathable material and nice and thin. This means they also dry quickly, which stops your feet getting sweaty. This is useful because it avoids irritation from blisters or bacterial buildup. Merino socks are also available which have the advantage of not holding odours like man-made fabrics. Many cycling socks will have mesh panels strategically placed to further help keep your feet cool. For durability, some will have a harder-wearing material in the sole, heel and toe area.

Cycling socks will also have a cuff which prevents them from sliding down your ankle. The subject of how high that cuff should be is one that could fill an entire article on its own. For many cyclists style, and looking good on the bike, are very important. It’s the details that show you take great care to assemble your attire before a ride.

Sock length, does it really matter though? Not a jot, but some will argue that is it. Some say socks should be no higher than 5in, but there has been a trend in recent years for much higher cuff socks, over 10cm. Now we’re no fans of rules here at road.cc, you can wear whatever you like. There’s even a UCI rule about sock length, we kid you not. Some might say if you’re worried about sock length you should spend more time riding your bike. They’re most probably talking a lot of sense.

Lastly, there is colour. For traditionalists it’s white socks all the way, but there are many more colourful options and designs available if you want to make a statement. And for all the Wiggo fans there are black socks. Some say white socks for racing, black socks for training. In reality you can wear whatever you want, we don’t prescribe to any rules here at road.cc.

SockGuy Lightning 2 Wool

This company is arguably one of the most well known, and specialising in socks means they have a vast range of choice. We could fill this article many times over with just their socks. These Lightning 2 Wool socks with their stripes and lightning flash will surely make you stand out on the club run or in a sportive. They’re fashionably long with an 8in cuff, and they’re made from 50% merino and 50% polypropylene.

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