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When it comes to choosing new bar tape for your road bike, there is no shortage of choices. California-based Supacaz may not be the most well known name in this market but their Super Sticky Kush tape is an excellent performer with a really nice cushioned feel. The smart screw-in bar end plugs help justify the high price tag.

A look at the Supacaz website reveals an almost dizzying choice of colours, and lots of split colour schemes if you want a different colour on the drops compared to the tops, so loads opportunity for customising your bike if you find black or white, the two most popular bar tape colours, just too restrictive. I'm a bit of a fan of white bar tape (year-round) and so chose the all-white colour option.

Easy install

It's a nice shade of white and finished with a very faint pattern, you only really notice it up close. This pattern helps to line up the tape as you're wrapping it around the bars. It's easy to install, helped by the good degree of stretch available in the tape to pull it taut around the handlebars.

The backing is lined with a thin strip of sticker tape, a little unnecessary in my book as the tension of the tape is usually enough to secure it in place. Supercaz give you a generous length of tape too so there's no issue with coming up short on bigger handlebars. You don't get any of the extra little sections of tape usually supplied, to go around the brake lever clamp, but a figure of eight wrap sorts that out easily enough. You could always snip a bit of the end of the tape if you prefer the other method.

Star Plugs

Rather than have you press a cheap plastic bar plug into the end of the handlebars, Supacaz include their very neat Star Plugs. They're made from aluminium with an expanding wedge inside operated by a 3mm Allen key, with laser etched graphics. Simply push into the end of the handlebar, tighten the bolt and you're left with a very neat and tidy finish. This really sets the Supacaz bar tape apart, and certainly helps offset the rather high price.

The performance of the tape is top notch too. It's nicely padded, with just enough squish to provide good vibration damping and offers a little extra comfort. I've tested a lot of bar tape in my time and this is among the nicest I've used, with a satisfying feel in the hands that adds to the pleasure of riding a bicycle. The tape has a high level of grip too, and that makes riding without gloves easy as, even when sweaty, the tape is non-slip. Durability has been good so far too, and the white colour is easily cleaned.

Not all bar tape is created equal and the performance of the Supacaz tape puts it among the best available. Pricey, but the Star Plugs are a very nice feature


Comfortable and smart looking with neat bar plug & wide range of colours

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