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Rock N Roll Lubrication specialise in keeping your bike moving, most notably by looking after your chain. Their Miracle Red degreaser starts the cleaning process whilst their Lubes (Extreme/Gold/Absolute Dry) finish it off and provide protection. A clean smooth running chain is vital to help maintain the durability of your drive chain whilst also giving you one less thing to worry about going wrong on your bike.

This weekend see's my first race of 2013 just a local category B race but either way I'd rather finish the race knowing it was only my legs which let me down and not my bike, so here is a brief outline of how I use Rock N Roll's products to make my bike/chain race ready:

Step 1: Have a bike which needs cleaning, sure you can clean a bike which is already clean but its more satisfying cleaning one which is dirty… plus it's fun making your bike dirty in the first place.

Step 2: Clean the bike using a hose (not a pressure washer that's silly) and a bucket of warm soapy water I use bike wash.

Step 3: Once you've got the majority of obvious dirt off your bike turn it upside down and take the wheels off. Run some Miracle Red over your chain whilst back pedalling (as though you're applying lube).

Step 4: Then with a chain cleaner full of water run the chain through it for a good amount of time. Remove the device and inspect chain if it's looking good leave it, otherwise repeat the step again.

Step 5: The chain cleaner and Miracle Red will clean the inside of your chain but quite often leave the outside of the inner plates dirty this doesn't affect performance but I like it all sparkly so run the chain through a soapy sponge to finish off the chain.

Step 6: That's your chain done for now let's move your attention to your wheels, give them a good once over with a sponge or brush, then apply a coating of Miracle Red to your cassette spinning it backwards as you try to give a slight coating to all the teeth.

Step 7: Using a small brush in circular a motion as though your brushing in the Miracle Red go around the cassette.

Step 8: Rebuild your bike and give it a good rinse over, paying particular attention to rinsing your chain and cassette.

Step 9: With your bike indoors (just to keep warm) give it a wipe down to aid drying (don't worry about the chain yet). Then apply your chosen Rock and Roll lube to the chain running it backwards as you spray it evenly along it. Rock N Roll recommend to apply it at the cassette which for the best results is recommend however as mentioned earlier I like everything to look shiny so prefer to avoid getting a blue/red/yellow cassette. Note that I lay my rag on the ground between the chain and the tyre this prevents spray from getting on the wheel especially noteworthy if you're working on a bike with rim brakes. Keep things back pedalling for a while as you re attach the lid to the lube and grab the said rag.

Step 10: Then whilst still backpedalling run the chain through a clenched fist with the rag in-between the chain and your skin. You can't do this long enough, I find twisting your wrist so the chain runs in a s-shape means you do both sides of the chain also pay attention to wiping the sides. You might need to re-position the rag to prevent the muck which has been removed from the chain being re-applied.

Once your happy everything has been removed admire your shiny new looking chain. The reason for being so adamant about wiping the lube off and cleaning the chain is that the areas the lube protects are in the middle where you can't wipe off and removing the excess prevents dust from sticking to the chain. Now you don't need to clean your bike every ride but I would recommend that every ride finishes with doing either step 9-10 or just 10 to ensure you stay on top of keeping the chain clean.

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