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Reviews for Rock 'n' Roll's fantastic range of lubricants and greases

Extreme Chain Lube

A very clean chain lube that works and lasts and never lets you down. When the going gets tough, this is the stuff.

Gold Chain Lube

This chain lube moved the 21st century closer to the 22nd century. Drive-trains look like they just came out of the box. The well-known smoothness and quietness that Rock 'n' Roll lubes are known all over the world for, just went to a new level.

Red Devil Grease

The all purpose grease that is not only the worlds best all purpose grease but this grease Rocks!

Super Coat Grease

This is the grease to use in joints (handlebars & seatposts), forks and rear suspension pivots. It won't wash out and keeps everything quiet.

Super-Slick Grease

Need a slick smooth grease? Nothing works like this. It stays where you put it. You can overhaul forks with it and you can use it to grease a sticky cable. We're still finding out more and more things this grease makes work better than new.

Super-Web Grease

For bearings this grease sticks and strings like a triple cheese pizza. It will not migrate away from bearing surfaces. Things run smoother and water won't be washing this grease out. Top manufacturers use this grease because they need the best.

Cable Magic Cable Lube

Makes braking and shifting super smooth by reducing the drag in cable housings. Shops worldwide won't build or repair without using Cablemagic. This stuff works so well we were shocked at how well it has gone over with bicycle dealers. It is very easy to use: drip it into the cable housing, wipe some on the cable, then put everything together. Use it with non-coated cables. Coated cables somehow don't last as long with any lube in the housing. So many dealers and team mechanics have called us to say that they will never use a coated cable now that they use Cablemagic.

Media Reviews:

Rock 'n' Roll Cable Magic

Having to change your gear cables regularly is a common affair in the UK thanks to our climate - and just squirting oil in your cable outers simply isn't enough if you're a regular rider, because salt from the road and other muck clogs your cables up like a fat man's arteries. It's fortunate for us then, that Cable Magic exists. Settling in the bottle is a thick Teflon gloop with a thinner oil that sits on the top. When shaken well the oil transports particles inside your outer cable, and makes them feel like new - the stuff is a revelation.

MBUK Verdict: Cable Magic really is magical - go and get yourself some today!

Performance: 10/10 Value: 10/10


MBUK Magazine June 2008

Rock 'n' Roll Lube Red Devil Grease

The self-proclaimed King of Lubes' latest offering is this Red Devil all-purpose grease. It's red, it smells a bit like petrol and we like it. It's thin enough to not clog or seize yet gloopy and sticky enough to stay put and keep everything spinning. It rocks just about as hard as grease can rock.



Rock 'n' Roll Cable Magic Lube A product for those of us who need to get hold of the correct lube for the job in hand (yes, you did read that right). I've ridden through some proper filthy conditions lately and when my gears started mis-shifting it wasn't due to cloggy cables but was the cassette and derailleurs packed solid with mud. I jetwashed the mud off and the gears worked perfectly again, so I guess this stuff does the job.

I haven't used it on brake cabling as I don't have a (working) bike with cable brakes but I'd imagine it to be similarly impressive - especially when using full length outers on mechanical disc brakes.

It looks like a pretty stingy sized bottle but it should last you for ages as you don't need to use much of it; a couple of blobs down the outers and a light fingering of it along the length of the inner and you're done.

Singletrack Magazine May 2006


MBUK March Vol 11 No 3 - 'A high quality range of lubricants specifically designed for bikes'...'the best range of lubes and greases we've ever used'


What Mountain Bike June/July 2002 - 'Non-sticky lube at a reasonable price keeps you spinning smoothly.'


www.mtbr.com I don't see any reason to purchase anything else since using this lube, it does all I need plan and simple. It can be a little hard to find but is well worth the look. As a side note I recently lubed up my mountain bike after some months off I thought I would try a more substantial lube so I tried some tri flo and found that it didn't even last through my first ride and my chain has a lot of dust on it. When I use Rock n' Roll I don't have to worry about re-lubing for at least a few rides in heavy dust or deep puddles.


From Bicycle Dealer Showcase Magazine KY Jelly Isn't Hub Grease

Sure, it will work. But let's get real. Salves and balms used on bikes in the past have merely been repackaged technologies from other industries. That is, until recently.

In 1994 Paul Maples catapulted bicycle-specific chain lubrication into the new century with the introduction of White Lightning. Earlier this year Mark Patterson took the revolution further with Rock "N" Roll Lubricants. "Lubes from other industries can silence a completely gunked and gritty chain, but all the while that grit and gunk is destroying the chain," explains Patterson. "It's that very noise that should tell cyclists it's time to relube (and clean) the chain."

There are more than 600 moving parts to a chain. An improperly maintained chain can wear out a drivetrain lickety-split. This new breed of chain lube coming from the West Coast increases the chain and the rest of the drivetrain's performance and life by being self-cleaning and repelling dust, dirt and water. Added bonus: Cat 5 tattoos are history.

As far as bearing grease goes, almost every service center has a tub of some generic auto grease on its counter. Yep, it's cheap and seems to work. But these greases are designed for ease of handling. The reality is, these greases get pushed around and eventually moved out of the way of the very parts they are supposed to protect (bearings in the hubs and bottom bracket), basically failing to do the job.

Rock "N" Roll grease has turned the tables. It is specifically designed to pull itself through movement and at the same time to itself, maintaining perpetual contact between itself and the moving parts. The folks at White Industries have put Rock "N" Roll grease through an unorthodox test, completely exposing it to extreme elements for over three months. The have found that the Rock "N" Roll grease maintained its integrity.

And no, I don't think Reeve's Jalapeño Jelly will clear-up hemorrhoids.

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