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We're sorry to be showing you this video when you're favourite trails are either covered in snow or have been doused in rain water but they do say spring has sprung and the weather must be turning soon so enjoy the beautiful scenery and riding in this Yeti Cycles video from the warmth of your chair.

Peak Season. Fall in Colorado

Like every other season, fall is pretty magical in the Colorado high country. By the end of summer, cool winds are already moving over the mountains and the peaks are getting dusted with snow. The aspens shed their leaves, covering the trails in red and gold, and morning frosts dampen the dry summer dirt. Add it all together, and it means several weeks of absolutely prime singletrack-sticky, colourful, and emptied of the summertime foot traffic. It was in search of those conditions that we headed into the mountains with our SB66s and a checklist of our favourite trails.