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Skratch Labs Sport Hydration Mix - 1lb Bags


  • All natural sports drink
  • Replaces both fluid & electrolytes
  • Contains no artificial colours or preservatives
Pack Quantity Piece
Price : £14.95 inc VAT

Sport Hydration Drink Mix is a new and improved version of our original Exercise Hydration Mix with 10% more electrolytes and certified Non GMO to be even more effective than before. It was created to replace the electrolytes lost in sweat using real fruit for flavor. This gives it a light taste that will delight your taste buds without offending your belly. We know you push yourself to be your best and this product was made to help you. When it comes to getting your hydration right, this is as simple as it gets. And as usual, simple is good.

Click here to read more about the improvements made.

These drink mixes are verified non-GMO, gluten free, dairy free, vegan and kosher.

To use

Add one scoop to 12-16 fl oz. (500mL) of water and shake. As a starting point, drink 1-2 servings for every hour of exercise.

Because we use real fruit for flavor, there may be small particles that don't dissolve completely. Don't worry, those are pieces of real fruit!

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