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Knog Blinder Mob 24pc Mixed Counterstand


  • Trade only item
  • Collection: Blinder Mob
  • Pieces: 24
  • Colour: Black
Pack Quantity Piece
Price : £959.76 inc VAT

24pc mixed counterstand set for the Blinder Mob light collection.

Lights included in this set:

SKU Description Type Colour QTY
KNOG-11700 Four Eyes Front Black 2
KNOG-11701 Four Eyes Front Red 1
KNOG-11702 Four Eyes Rear Black 1
KNOG-11703 Four Eyes Rear Red 1
KNOG-11704 The Face Front Black 2
KNOG-11705 The Face Front Silver 1
KNOG-11706 The Face Rear Black 1
KNOG-11707 The Face Rear Silver 1
KNOG-11708 Kid Grid Front Black 1
KNOG-11709 Kid Grid Front Red 1
KNOG-11710 Kid Grid Rear Black 1
KNOG-11712 Mr Chips Front Black 1
KNOG-11713 Mr Chips Front Silver 1
KNOG-11714 Mr Chips Rear Black 1
KNOG-11716 Eyeballer Front Black 1
KNOG-11717 Eyeballer Front Silver 1
KNOG-11719 V Four Eyes Rear Black 1
KNOG-11721 V The Face Rear Black 1
KNOG-11723 V Kid Grid Rear Black 1
KNOG-11724 V Kid Grid Rear Red 1
KNOG-11725 V Mr Chips Rear Black 1
KNOG-11726 V Mr Chips Rear Silver 1
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