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Knog Blinder Mini 32pc Mixed Counterstand
UOS: Piece
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  • Trade only item
  • Collection: Blinder Mini
  • Pieces: 32
  • Colour: Black

Product Details

32pc counterstand set for the Blinder Mini collection.

Lights included in this set:

SKU Description Type Colour QTY
KNOG-11947 Dot Front Black 2
KNOG-11948 Dot Front Silver 2
KNOG-11949 Dot Front Gold 1
KNOG-11950 Dot Front Copper 1
KNOG-11951 Dot Rear Black 2
KNOG-11952 Dot Rear Silver 2
KNOG-11953 Dot Rear Gold 1
KNOG-11954 Dot Rear Copper 1
KNOG-11955 Niner Front Black 2
KNOG-11956 Niner Front Red 1
KNOG-11957 Niner Rear Black 2
KNOG-11958 Niner Rear Red 1
KNOG-11959 Chippy Front Black 2
KNOG-11960 Chippy Front Silver 1
KNOG-11961 Chippy Rear Black 2
KNOG-11962 Chippy Rear Silver 1
KNOG-11963 Dot Twinpack Black 4
KNOG-11964 Niner Twinpack Black 2
KNOG-11965 Chippy Twinpack Black 2

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