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Knog Twisted Combo Cable Bike Lock Black
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  • Dimensions: 130cm Length
  • Material: PVC / Steel / Fibre
  • Weight: 360g
: Black


The Twisted Combo is a seamless coiled cable lock, with a total cable length of 1300mm.

  • The lock comprises a braided steel wire cable and 4-number combination dial mechanism.
  • Fibre core technology combined with loose bound, braided steel cable offers superior resilience against bolt cutter attacks.
  • A unique combination dial mechanism ensures a high-level of security with the ability to easily change the 4 number code as often as the user chooses.
  • The coiled cable provides an extended cable length in a convenient, compact size, and with an overmoulded exterior, the Twisted Combo will not mark or scratch your bike.


  • Length: 130cm
  • Weight: 360g
  • Cable: 100mm Coiled Diameter, 10mm Cable Outer Diameter, 5mm steel cable diameter
  • Materials: PVC coated braided steel cable with fibre core. Die cast zinc lock housing with overmoulded PVC outer. Engineering polymer combination dials. Stainless steel locking shackle and steel locking plate.
  • Locking Mechanism: Rotating dial combination lock mechanism. 10,000 unique combinations.


Security Rating: 30/100

Body: Four dial, rotating combination lock mechanism, with code reset function to allow customisation of the locking code.

Combination Lock: Four dial, rotating combination lock mechanism, with code reset function to allow customisation of the locking code.

Lock Cable: Braided, loose bound steel cable with fibre core inner and PVC outer.

Locking Mechanism: A sliding steel locking plate is housed within a die cast zinc lock body and interlocks with a stainless steel locking shackle fastened to the cable end to provide a robust, high strength locking mechanism.

Coiled Cable: Cable coiled to a diameter of 100mm, which provides a long cable length in a convenient and compact size.

Cutting Resistance: Fibre core cable technology makes the Twisted Combo tough. The soft core of the cable will crush during cutting, making bolt cutter attacks more frustrating for smash-and-grab thieves.

Testing: We subject our locks range to a vast array of environmental tests to ensure they are fit for purpose for everyday use. These procedures are undertaken during research and development through to prototype and manufacture. These include: Drop Tests, Impact Tests, Corrosion Testing, Vibration Testing, Extreme Temperature Testing, Cycle Testing.

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