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When we first started Silverfish in 1999, with a few cool Canadian bike brands, things were very different. A small operation gave the business certain advantages, only a small crawl from bed to work was a big plus as was the fact we were only a stones throw from the local pub. This however was set to change and these advantages soon became outweighed by the massive requirement to deliver the highest quality bike products to a growing UK market and thriving UK scene.

Over 18 years later and thanks to amazing dealer support, great staff and some of the highest performing brands in the bike industry we can be proud that Silverfish has grown into a business with dedicated staff and a purpose built office and warehousing facility. Our love for riding bikes remains as strong as it did all those years ago and this passion not only keeps us excited about work but also keeps our eyes open for new and exciting brands to add to our portfolio.

We strive to offer the highest level of customer service no matter how many brands come to join us. We hope we are delivering on all fronts. Our staff spend many hours riding bikes both on and off road each week, and we are 100% behind every brand we work with. So remember we are just an email or phone call away.