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CushCore Gravel / CX Tyre Insert

UOS: Piece
inc. VAT
Email when stock is available
  • Discipline: Gravel / CX
  • Ultra-light weight version which reduces fatigue
  • 35% more sidewall stability

Product Details

An ultra-lightweight insert that reduces fatigue, improves cornering, and helps prevent flats.


Not all tyre inserts are created the same.

CushCore is no ordinary tyre insert and is based on a new concept, tyre suspension. Any suspension system has a spring and a damper, and with CushCore, pressurised air in the tyre is the spring and the CushCore tyre insert is the damper.

Like traditional suspension, a constant damping force wouldn't work. It has to be dynamic. Suspension should be supple on small bumps but firm on the big hits.

CushCore responds differently depending on the tyre load and scenario. The more the tyre flexes, the more damping it provides.

Go Bigger - CushCore improves suspension performance by 16% and reduces impact force from big hits by 50%. Send it with total confidence.

Corner Harder - 35% more sidewall stability eliminates tyre squirm and burping, even at low tyre pressure. Rail corners with total confidence.

Ride Faster - CushCore provides a 12% smoother ride and 3% reduced rolling resistance. Ride with more control, more momentum, and less fatigue. It's like taking fewer punches in a fight.


  • Tyre Widths: 33mm - 46mm.
  • Inner Rim Width: 19mm-26mm.
  • Weight - 120g (700c)
  • Includes -
    • Single - (1) CushCore tyre insert, (1) 44mm CushCore green presta air valve and (2) rim stickers.
    • Set of 2 - (2) CushCore tyre inserts, (2) 44mm CushCore presta air valves, valve core tool, installation instructions and rim stickers.


  1. CushCore transforms your tubeless tyre into a suspension system with a tune-able air spring and foam damper.
  2. A proprietary closed-cell, polyolefin foam controls compression and rebound forces. Its lightweight, ultra durable and impervious to sealant.
  3. CushCore's patented profile applies constant pressure on the tyre sidewalls. This provides protection and stability even at low tyre pressures.
  4. CushCore is designed to fit tight on the rim. This radial tension locks the bead to the rim while maintaining a supple tread patch.
How CushCore Works

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Will I notice a difference after installing CushCore?

Absolutely. The feeling of riding with CushCore is not a subtle difference from standard tubeless tyres. Even novice riders notice the differences right away. It is a confidence-inspiring riding experience. Need evidence? Check out the PROVEN BENEFITS.

I use 2.6" tyres. Should I run the standard or plus-sized CushCore?

Both Standard and Plus-sized inserts will fit a 2.6" tyre. We recommend selecting the insert that is most appropriate for your rim's inner width. Use standard for an inner width of 33mm or less. Use Plus for 34mm or wider.

Will CushCore fit my rims and tyres?

See fitment specifications HERE. Within the size recommendations, CushCore works well with every rim and tyre on the market.

*Asymmetric Rims - CushCore will fit asymmetric rims and we recommend starting with the bead furthest from the rim channel for installation. This leaves the final bead right next to the rim channel and will make it easier to drop the bead in the rim channel to finish off your install.

Is CushCore difficult to install?

Installing CushCore is not difficult, but it is different. We highly recommend watching the Installation Video before you begin. Installation by a first-time user should require no more than 30 minutes. Installation by an experienced user takes 5-10 minutes. If you need help, contact us for assistance.

Is CushCore compatible with tubless tyre sealant?

Yes. CushCore is compatible with all sealants. The installation instructions recommend injecting tyre sealant with a syringe.

I don't have a sealant injector. Can I still install CushCore?

Yes. Instead of injecting the sealant after the tyre is fully mounted, simply pour the sealant directly into the tyre before installing the second bead. We recommend injecting because it allows the sealant more ready access to the tyre bead where sealing is required.

What if I get a flat?

It is still possible to get a flat with CushCore - for example, in the case of a tyre sidewall slice. While CushCore is not intended to be a run-flat tyre, it is possible to "limp home" short distances with reduced risk of rim damage. Trailside repair is also possible using the same approach riders use with standard tubeless. Tyre plugs are a great option.

What tyres should I use with CushCore?

Tyre choice is a personal preference, and the best choice for you depends on several variables. In general, CushCore makes it possible to run lighter, faster-rolling tyres without sacrificing lateral stability, impact absorption capacity, or flat resistance. For that reason we suggest trying a tyre in a lighter weight class than you normally use - for example, a 750 gram tyre instead of an 950 gram tyre. If you are already using a lightweight tyre, try reducing tyre pressure as described below.

What tyre pressure should I use with CushCore?

Many riders prefer to run 1-5 psi less tyre pressure with CushCore. The ideal pressure depends largely on your starting point - your normal air pressure with standard tubeless. Riders who already run low pressures (for example, 20 front and 23 rear) have less room to adjust than riders who normally run 30 or 35 psi. Excessively low tyre pressures increase the risk of flats or wheel damage. We encourage you to experiment and find your own preferred setting. Start at your normal tyre pressure, then drop in 1 psi increments until you find the sweet spot for your riding conditions.

How long will it last?

CushCore inserts are extremely durable. Our foam is engineered to withstand repeated pounding without degradation, and it is not affected by tyre sealant. Typically a set lasts riders a couple years, though the ultimate service life depends on your riding frequency, tyre pressure, terrain, and other factors.